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14 January 2006 @ 04:36 pm
Five Things:

1) My doujinshi folder exploded. In a good way. In the past few months I've collected a CRAPLOAD of scanned doujinshi. However, I have a problem with organization and I'm inherently a dumbass, so I don't remember who gave me permission for what, or where I got half my stuff. So if you see something that

A) the scanner/translator requested to not be distributed
B) is lacking credit
C) is misnamed, mislabeled or otherwise misrepresented

LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY. I know it's bad form to share without knowing the source of things, but I'm not claiming to have done any of the work with these doujin. (Well, save for the two I've actually scanned so far. ^^:) I have no quarrels with anyone who wants to come and bitch me out for redistributing something I shouldn't, I probably deserve it. >.>; I am blonde and far too airheaded sometimes.

2) WTF? Update with no doujinshi/update schedule?? I know, I know. I've been rather lazy and it comes with the fact that I wasn't satisfied with the layout of the journal/how I'm archiving things here. My Work Schedule of DOOM (tm) states I may actually be off on Sunday, and if so I'm going to devote the day to recoding and reorganizing. If the current lists vanish, don't sweat, they will return - and hopefully better looking to boot.

3) OMG ADD ME to the COMM! - I've gotten a handful of e-mails and comments for this, and let me state now - IT IS OPEN COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP. That means the only person responsible for joining the community is YOU - you click the little "join" button on the userinfo page. Also let it be said that this is an 18+ community - most of the links are to items intended for Mature Audiences Only.

4) Userinfo and Rules - both need to be rewritten. And yikes. Any help offered in this direction would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

5) I am looking for lists of scanlator/translator websites to give credit to, as well as if any groups have Livejournals that can be linked. I and many others do appreciate the hard work people put into these projects, and it's the least we can do to properly credit and link them. (Again, see #1 for my airheadedness reigns supreme.)

Along these lines, I'm looking for the names of the circles for doujinshi so if the artist has a website, it can be linked back to as well. Since I want this to be an archive of available scanned doujinshi for anyone who is looking, I want it to be as complete as possible. Any help, again, is appreciated.

So, in conclusion, a lot of changes are coming. I, personally, have a stack of doujinshi I plan to slowly but surely scan and possibly translate/scanlate. That's the last thing on my list until I get the community running the way I want it to. Once I get the community running, I'm probably gonna look for a co-mod or two to keep it running, but right now I'm concentrated on kicking this thing back to life.

Thanks for your patience, and any and all assistance!
17 October 2010 @ 10:45 pm
This is the only non-friends-locked post in the community.

The reason I created this community was because A) I ran out of room in my original journal post over in catystorm. B) I thought it would be easier to not only split up the doujinshi by genre, but also to be able to make an update post as soon as I upload a doujinshi. Thus, it's easier for me, AND easier for you.

What about the Master Posts?

The Master Posts are *not* going away. They will be updated as well with each new acquisition, if you don't want to pay attention to the frequent/infrequent indivudial doujinshi posts.

Why Friends-Only?

For the same reasons the other doujinshi communities are friends only - I don't want to get in trouble for providing minors with pornographic material. I'm not posting the images in each post, but still ... this is one of those hazy gray areas. Because of this, I ask that ALL MEMBERS BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER. What you do with the doujin after you've read them is your business, but, please. Be responsible. All it takes is one person to screw things up for everyone.

How do I Join?

As of right now membership is moderated as I get the community on its feet. Once I get it to the way I like it, membership will be open. Membership is open, even though the credits and info page are not completed. *is lazy and needs to be shot*

Hey! I saw so-and-so's scanned doujinshi on here and they said they didn't want it redistributed!

That's great. However, stop by my credits post before you go off like that, some people HAVE given me permission to redistribute. On the other hand, I have a glut of doujin that I do not know where I got them from and if that person does not want it redistributed, please ask them to inform me personally. It's well and good that you're looking out for your friends hard work, but I'd prefer to hear it from the horse's mouth. I'm not hard to get ahold of, and similar disclaimers are found at the bottom of each Master List post.

You misfiled Doujin X! It belongs in ____ category!

As I am an airhead, expect that to happen often. Please e-mail me so I can correct that ASAP.

Hey, I have a doujinshi you don't! If I send it to you, will you post it?

Not only will I post it, but I will love and worship you forever and ever and I will give you cookies. Also, you will be credited 3x; once in the update post, in the Master Post listing, and on my credits page in the community userinfo.

Scanlation Companies

Bakafish (Can't seem to find their website.)
Deja Vu


Obession (Obsession's website seems to have vanished into thin air. Did it move? I can't find it.)

All files are hosted at:

YouSendIt [YSI]
Megaupload [MU]
RapidShare [RS]

YouSendIt files are provided in the individual "new" doujinshi posts, not in the Master Lists. If you cannot download from either Rapidshare or Megaupload, please contact me and I will YSI the file to you or provide you with a YSI file in the comments.